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Dog Chiropractic 
Man and His Dog

At Laser’s Edge Chiropractic, our certified chiropractors heal dogs at our Scarbough, Toronto, and Keswick locations. Animal chiropractic is the art of understanding the complex relationship between the spine and nervous system, and its importance in proper mechanical function responsible for the overall health of small and large animals. Animal chiropractors are VSMT certified

Two dogs

Laser’s Edge Chiropractic offers a hands-on, non-surgical, drug-free approach when it comes to effective correction of bone, joint, disc and soft-tissue disorders. Dogs are one of the most active animals, love to jump around and may injure themselves. Muscle spasm, rock back, poor fitting collars, unusual walking, limping can be a few indications that your dog needs chiropractic care. Do not ignore your dog’s asymmetrical posture, change in ability to climb stairs or jump. Contact Laser’s Edge Chiropractic to heal your dog in a natural way.

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